Ropes Wall

Your yoga… turned upside down!


It’s the yoga partner you always wished you had! The ropes support a person’s weight. This enables you to accomplish poses with better alignment and less pressure on certain joints. It is even possible to be safely inverted on the wall.

The yoga ropes wall is beneficial for both beginner students as well as for advanced students. Students will explore the potential for increased movement and realize muscular imbalances as the ropes encourage proper form — even difficult asanas can be done easily and safely.

I’m currently teaching Ropes Wall private lessons. Email me to schedule

With assistance of the ropes you can:

▪ Stretch and strengthen most of your muscles.

▪ Tone your abdominal muscles and organs.

▪ Create spinal traction.

▪ Stretch your shoulder and chest muscles.

▪ Deepen forward Bends and backbends.

▪ Safely Invert.

Students should have a regular practice, Level 1 or above.
No absolute beginners, please.

Learn more about my ropes practice in this article written by my friends at

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