Private Lessons

Get your yoga fix and fix what ails you with a Yoga Fix private lesson.

Your body and mind crave the benefits that regular practice yields, but sometimes you need a bit more help than a group class can offer.

I’m currently offering private lessons in person at The Glowing Body or via the Zoom Meeting platform. With this service, I can see you and you can see me, so I’m able to use my eagle eyes to offer guidance.

I use the ropes to enhance your learning experience. This unparalleled tool enables you to accomplish poses with better alignment and less pressure on certain joints, and it lessens the learning curve tremendously, so you can make more progress in less time.

Groups of two or more participating in private classes can also be a great motivational tool. Having friends and family practicing with you will help everyone learn together.

“Private sessions with @coreexplore have been eye opening for my practice and how I teach my students. I love my time working with her and come away inspired, encouraged, and smarter about my body and practice. 🙏”
– Jennifer McIntee, Franklin, NC

In Person Privates

$70 for 60 minutes
$90 for 90 minutes

4 Private Lessons for $240 – $40 savings!

Zoom Virtual Privates

$50 for 60 minutes
$75 for 90 minutes

Email me to schedule.

You can also find videos of my Yinyasa class (90 min.) and Yoga with Bolsters (1 hour) online at

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