Jen’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday hustle is upon us. It can be a joyus time of year, but it can also feel very stressful. Take a deep breath.  I have some simple, stess-free solutions.

We’ll get through this together…

* Private Lessons with Moi.

When you work with me one-on-one, I can design a practice that gives you the tools and techniques necessary to plot the course for a sustainable practice that inspires you to participate in our own well being on many levels. I can get you on the ropes wall at the studio or I have a portable contraption that allows me to create a ropes experience in your home!

Learn more about the options I offer.


*  A Glowing Body Gift Certificate or Class Card 

Presenting a really, really, ridiculously easy way to ‘WOW’ this holiday season. Good for classes with me at the studio, massages with the fab therapists at The Glowing Body, yoga gear, or beautifully crafted items made locally.


You can get these onlineBOOM! Easy.

The Glowing Body is also having a class card sale from Nov. 27th – Dec. 1st. They are offering 10% off class cards. Buy several at the reduced rates and use them into 2016! Another great gift idea, Friends.


* Inner Space Yoga Bolsters, Meditation Cushions or Eye Pillows

I love these products and I want you to love them, too – and not just because I make them.

Yes, I hand roll these bolsters, choose the fabulous fabrics, fill the meditation cushions and eye pillows. It’s a total labor of love because these are the best. There, I said it!

And I stand by it because this hands-on approach is the most effective way to ensure that our bolsters meet the standards that I expect as a yoga practitioner and teacher.


You never know when the urge to do yoga or to sit quietly will strike you. Best not to take chances. Have at the ready something sumptuous, beautiful and supportive. There is room in your life and your practice for these versatile yoga props.

If you want to create a yoga or meditation space at home, I know a gal. This would be an AMAZING gift. Just sayin’.

Order Now! We’re online & ready to deliver these to your door step. Or if you are in Knoxville, just let me know what you want and you can pick it up at The Glowing Body.

Again, BOOM! Easy.


* A Subscription to Yoga Vibes

yv-yj-logo_v2How does a year of unlimited access to top quality teachers and videos online sound PLUS an Inner Space bolster?! Convenient? Too good to be true?

Well, it’s a thing, and it’s pretty awesome.

My friends at Yoga Vibes offer a great service to busy folks by filming superb yoga classes all over the country. Several of my classes were filmed at The Glowing Body, so this frees you to take yoga wherever you are, whenever you want so you can get whatever you need. They are using Inner Space bolsters as an incentive for buying an annual pass from them.
Plunk down $200 and get all the yoga you want for a year AND one of my bolsters.

Yinyasa Class

Yoga Vibes features 4 of my classes:

Yinyasa – The Fusion of Yin & Vinyasa

Yin – Spinal Stimulation

Yin – Opposites Attract

Bolster Your Confidence  – Dynamic Yoga with a Bolster!

One final time – all together now… BOOM! Easy!

Cheers to a stress-free holiday season!


Beginner Yoga Class: Introductory Notes

Great read…

bitchin yoga

runner on Moonlight

Why practice yoga?

We come into a world of endless possibilities like instruments without instructions. Our mechanisms are so advanced that it takes years to know how to implement them and a lifetime to refine them. Yoga is the instruction.

In yoga we begin with the body to organize ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally. The first task is to get to know ourselves.

The body is the material we start with. It is touchable and concrete and we can identify with it. This is where we have the maximum opportunity for self examination.

The modern system of yoga is described in a text written about 18 centuries ago. It’s known as the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. In the simplest explanation it is a guide to self inquiry that results in liberation from distractions and a sense of freedom from the tedium of a restless mind. It is entirely self serving…

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