Yoga Adventures

Yin for the Win!

Two of my students are professional runners. Amazing as I probably could not run a mile.

They are sponsored by Nike & traveling the country embracing every physical opportunity and challenge presented. These girls are my heroes! They began doing Yin yoga with me and found the practice very beneficial for recovery. In my humble opinion, EVERY athlete should have a Yin practice.

Follow Phoebe Wright and Erica Moore, as they trek across the United States on a six-week road trip to promote running and show track fans the real lives of real athletes on an unreal adventure all while incorporating my online Yin yoga classes into their adventures. To follow their journey, check out their blog, Runnin’ the Streets, or follow Phoebe and Erica on Facebook or Twitter @RuntheSts. YogaVibes will also be featuring one blog post per week to highlight the online yoga classes that Phoebe and Erica incorporate into their journey.

Read the official press release from YogaVibes.

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