Friday Fix

I wanna celebrate and live my life! Singing AO! Baby, let’s go!

Understanding the joint between your top vertebrae and your skull, the atlanto-occipital joint, (in the center of your skull almost level with your eyes,) can have you singing a new tune in your yoga practice and celebrating postures like Pascimottanasana.  If the head and neck are in a state of dynamic balance, then the muscles of the back have the potential to lengthen and widen, the torso can expand, and the joints can move more freely.

Watch and learn as Leslie Kaminoff gives a demonstration of how releasing the AO joint can release your entire back line.

Leslie Kaminoff, world-renowned Yoga Educator, brings Yoga Anatomy to life Online in a New 9-Month Intensive Training Program (which I am participating in & LOVING!).

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