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Workin’ It!

It’s as simple as this: you need some fun yoga workshops in your life. Soon.

So, I’m offering a few!

Here’s What:
Up & Away! Arm Balance & Inversion Workshop

Here’s Where & When:
Masterpeace Studio in Maryville, TN
Saturday, August 25th, 2:00-4:00PM

Here’s Why:
Expand and deepen your practice with Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga™ techniques and building blocks that will help you lay the foundation for your arm balance and inversion practice. Learn unique and easy methods for activating perfect core alignment in every posture. Merge your intention, structure and sense of playfulness in order to find freedom in balance. The result will be more benefits, gain of power, and decreased potential for injury.


Here’s what:
The Gripping Truth: Glutes Workshop

Here’s Where & When:
@ The Glowing Body Yoga Studio in Knoxville, TN
Sunday, September, 23, 1:00-3:00pm

Here’s Why:
To grip or not to grip? That is the question! We’ll explore that topic & more… Understanding how to best utitlize these muscle groups in your practice can make a HUGE difference!

  • Learn the anatomy of the hips & buttocks.
  • Discover how to best make use of these muscle groups to benefit your practice & improve your alignment.
  • Finesse finding your equilibrium in standing balances, backbends & inversions.


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