More Sweet, Less Bitter.

“Talking about our problems is the greatest addiction. Break the habit. Talk about your joys.”
~ Rita Schiano

I read this this morning while perusing Facebook, and it really resonated with me. It got me thinking about how often I will focus on the negative aspects of things first and ultimately, get to the joyous positive side of the story.

My sweet mom and dad.

Case in point, I just took a wonderful trip with my entire family to celebrate my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. Upon our arrival, it was torrentially raining, so much so that our plane could not land at it’s intended destination. We landed elsewhere and all was fine & dandy – we got our rental car, got to the condo safely after a trip to the grocery store to load up on supplies. Life was wet, but certainly great!

During our stay, my son Max contracted Scarlet Fever & had a few days of running a temperature and not feeling his best, but he was a complete trooper and enjoyed himself none the less.

There was no complaining by anyone at the time. We were all happy to be together, eating well, and enjoying the beach & pool despite the clouds.

When I returned to Knoxville, I got lots of questions about how my trip was. Looking back, I am realizing that I always said how wonderful & relaxing it was, but I was sure to inject my explanation with some of the problems we encountered. WHY?! Who cares about that? Does it make me feel better about having a well deserved break and time to honor the family my parents so lovingly created? Does it make my story somehow more interesting to have some drama to share? Or is it that I have an addiction to talking about my problems?

This is something I am going to pay much closer to attention to, and I invite you to do the same. Find the positive things to talk about. I’m not suggesting sugar coating everything or denying those times when you truly need to talk about your problems, but leave out the bitter when you can & savor the sweet.

Sweet sunset over Orange Beach, AL.

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