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Friday Fix

TGIYAF! Thank Goodness It’s Yoga Anatomy Friday!
Ok, that was a stretch (pun intended).

Leslie Kaminoff does it again with this guest blog post –
Should you lock the knee in yoga?

I’ve been exploring organization around the knee in my practice lately due to the stellar instruction I received from Alison West. Her suggestion was that we slightly bend the knee when standing & resist the shins forward so that we could organize around the knee (above & below) and protect it, in addition to staying in communication with the feet. Leslie also offers a great anatomical explanation that has helped me tremendously.

Fast-forward about 40 or 50 years, there you are hiking Mount Kilimanjaro, rocking a Warrior III and running around the park with your grandchildren.

It can happen.

Learn more with Leslie Kaminoff, Yoga Educator, and author of international best-seller “Yoga Anatomy.”

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