Everybody just rock it, don’t stop it.


Sorry, I had to get that out.

It’s just that, well… I had the great pleasure of traveling to NYC last week to be on Sadie Nardini’s new TV show, Rock Your Yoga, and I feel proud, elated and bold! The idea of the show is that Sadie gets real yogis to do a class with her – all levels, all shapes and sizes – so that folks watching at home will realize that yoga is for everyone. Think of this as the more practical alternative to having Sadie fly to your home and teach you the finer points of rocking your yoga.

To help you get a feel for this adventure, I’ll share my experiences.

It all started with Sadie posting a casting call on Facebook in March. Interested yogis were asked to send in a head shot and full body shot. A week or so later, I heard from Sadie’s mom (more on her later), which gave me the warm fuzzies, explaining that there were lots of submissions and she would be sending our info to the casting people.

In mid-April, casting coordinator, Holly Bryce, contacted the group with dates for volunteering. Amid the controversy that is brewing as of late regarding yoga celebrities, I want to stress that even though Sadie is a blossoming A-lister on the yoga scene, she and her crew still have to hustle daily to get people on the show. There are those, like myself, who might relish in the opportunity to travel to New York City and be a part of the excitement, but mostly they are drawing from those in NY that have some flexibility in their schedules to spend the day filming for no pay.

Arrangements were made for me to be there on Monday, May 7th. I talked the owner of the yoga studio where I teach and manage, The Glowing Body, to join me, so I had a built in cheerleader should my nerves start to get the best of me.

We arrived the day before the filming and tramped around Midtown Manhattan with glee. It had been 20 years since my last visit to New York, so I soaked in the sun, sights, sounds, freaks & chics that fill the landscape. Fortunately, the snappy wedges I wore because I waited to play the role of city slicker did not give me a hideous blister. Whew!

Bright and early the next morning, I scurried along 5th Avenue with the masses doing my best to make my 9am curtain call. I was unsure of what to expect other than we would be shooting 2 shows, I should arrive camera-ready (with make-up on – what? I don’t get a make-up artist?!), have multiple outfits to choose from, and that someone would be there to direct me to the greenroom. The greenroom! This stirred up more fantasies of television grandeur…

As it turns out, the greenroom is just a small room with a comfy couch and some coffee. Sadie was in hair and makeup with her makeup artist when I arrived – which was another small room that featured one of those great mirrors with bulb lights all around it. She was fresh faced and not ready to face the cameras, but greeted me with a big hug.

As she retreated to prepare for her day, I met Sarah Esposito and Rebecca Watson in the greenroom. Sarah hailed from Mullica Hill, NJ and Rebecca from Brooklyn. They were surprised to hear that I traveled all the way from Tennessee. We swapped personal details, talked about yoga mats and other things yoga for the next two hours. I was wishing I had brought my lap top so I could have gotten some work done. Sarah’s friend had been on the show the week prior and gave her sage advice – bring a book. Rebecca was also aware of the wait time as she had been on the show already

Sarah was a newly minted yoga teacher in Baptiste Power Yoga and teaches at studios in southern New Jersey. Rebecca was a new New Yorker having only moved to Brooklyn in October. She too was a teacher, but had not landed a teaching position at a studio yet. This seemed the perfect platform for us all to get a smidgen of exposure and experience what being on a television show is actually like.

During our wait, we were able to watch the lifestyle segment filmed. Sadie’s focus was ‘Afternoon Lazies’. Although the monitor had no sound, we were able to determine that Sadie was offering guidance on what type of snacks to keep in your desk that give you a protein boost like almonds as opposed to sugary sweets that will make you crash an burn. I felt pretty good that I had packed almonds in my bag, but I secretly wished they would pass some of that chocolate on to us greenroom gals.

As they wrapped up filming that segment, our moment in the sun loomed nearer!
The producer, Sanford, began the strangely uncomplicated clothing choosing process. We were asked to bring multiple changes of clothing – no black, as that is Sadie’s signature look – and we laid them out on the floor for discerning eyes. Coincidentally, the three of us had similar color choices, so we magically looked like color coordinated yoga besties! Of course, I imagined a much more complex process of modeling & set matching, but fortunately, it was much more laid back.

As we changed into our respective outfits, another yogini joined us. Sarita Moore bounced in full of life and ready to rumble. Sarita, as it turns out, was a veteran in front of the camera and represented by YAMA. She is the star of the DVD Hip Hop Cardio with Sarita Lou. Sarita is also an accomplished yogini who has found her niche in the city teaching at schools and universities, so this was turning out to be a festive group!

Finally, we were called onto the set. SHOWTIME! The set is set up to look like an actual studio, complete with cubbies for our stuff. Backlit green striped fabric panels highlighted the rainbow of mats set out for us. With Sadie situated front and center, we filled in behind her with Rebecca being the yogini who modified postures.

The crew was lively and light and made us all feel comfortable. The nervousness I worried about feeling was non-existent in this laid back atmosphere. As we prepared for out first take, Sadie slipped on her now signature black leather jacket, strolled into the scene from stage left, flung off her jacket and got down to business! If you’re going to rock your yoga, you damn well better wear black leather!

We moved through some of her signature Core Strength Vinyasa core work in effort to beat the lazies down to a pulp. With our hearts a pumpin’, Sadie impressively improvised her way through each segment. That woman is a natural. Being the lively bunch that we were, we whooped and hollered enthusiastically. Did I mention that I am not shy?

The breaks between segments were just as fun as the crew pumped ‘Baby Got Back’ and ‘Da Dip’ onto the set. Sadie and Sarita busted some major moves and had us all in stitches. Producer Sanford sang our praises and exclaimed this was the best show they had filmed so far. High fives filled the room!

A lovely, healthy lunch was provided, and we regrouped in the greenroom to replenish. Sadie’s mom, Janet Parrish, joined us for lunch. She was not only incredibly sweet, but a big part of Sadie’s team. She provides moral support and acts as her stylist. I love that its a family affair.

The show’s theme was put to the test after lunch. We all had to fight the after lunch lazies, but we persevered and rocked out another great show. I was the modifier of poses for this show, and happily so due to a full belly.

When it comes to expressing yourself, there’s no shortage of options. Yoga just happens to be they way Sadie encourages. I’ve found more expression by adopting her techniques than I have with any other style, so I was proud to rock my yoga and express my gratitude to her by making the trek to volunteer.

Email or call your cable provider today, and ask to them to carry Veria Network, then you can see Sadie’s Rock Your Yoga show which launches today, as well as see other positive and powerful programming. Spread the gospel of yoga!

Can I get an amen?!

2 thoughts on “Everybody just rock it, don’t stop it.

  1. Thanks for the insight, 4 of us yogini’s from Paducah Ky are headed that way this weekend for the Monday shoot!

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